1. Read-A-Thon runs from Monday, February 26th at 2:33 PM through Sunday, March 17th at 8 PM. Only reading during that time counts towards the total minutes read.
  2. Parents need to register their readers at www.colfaxreads.com which can be used on desktop and mobile.
  3. Students will need to track the number of minutes per day that they read to themselves and record these minutes via the digital log. ENTRIES MUST BE ENTERED HONESTLY & TRUTHFULLY.
  4. The number of pages read must be included or the reading time will not be counted.
  5. Reading during school hours does NOT count. Reading must be done on your own time, but no reading after 10pm!
  6. Raz Kids, YouTube Read Alouds, and Audio books count, but ONLY if you read along with the text and write down the title and number of pages read.
  7. Reading should be at the student’s level, and all reading counts – books, graphic novels, newspapers and magazines DO count. Subtitles on TV do NOT count.
  8. TK/Kindergarten/1st Grade and previously identified students may have books read to them, but independent reading is encouraged! All students should read independently whenever possible.
  9. Your registration on the Read-A-Thon website includes an agreement to follow the school’s honor code. All logged information must be honest and truthful; suspicious entries will be tagged, and teacher/parents will be notified.
  10. Reading must not interfere with necessary care activities like bathing, moving your body, sleeping, eating, or homework. In the spirit of these rules, we are setting a maximum amount of reading per day – 10 hours on weekend days and 6 hours on school days.
  11. All entries MUST be entered by 8 PM on Sunday, March 17th. LATE ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
  12. Questions? Email
    Martina Papinchak martinalp@aol.com
    Christina Wise christina@jbwpro.com